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You’ll appreciate our 28 years of experience in business and 36 years of serving the Monterey Peninsula. 

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Is your sink clogged up and you are about to have company over? Is your toilet back up and you are not sure why? No matter what the reason for your drain cleaning needs is, you’ll have 28 years of experience on your side in solving the plumbing problem.

Not only is a clogged drain annoying, it can result in major problems with your plumbing if it is not dealt with quickly.

With our complete plumbing services, our skilled technicians will work to swiftly eliminate your clogged drain problem. There will not be any damage to your pipes and fixtures while we clean out your clogged drains. Call Mark’s Sewer & Drain today!

Our Services

  • Kitchen Drains
  • Bathroom Drains
  • Residential Drains
  • Commercial Drains
  • Clogged Drains
  • Drain Inspections
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning

Banish The Guesswork from Sewer Repair

Sewer Video Inspection

Video inspection is the very first step to diagnose a sewer line issue. A Residential pipe video inspection pinpoints any issues- whether there are broken pipes to be fixed or merely obstructions caused by hair, grease, or scaling. The certainty of knowing what your sewer issue is worth the cost alone. Using a video inspection could also save you thousands and thousands of dollars in labor and materials.



Video Inspections Can Evaluate

  • Protruding Lateral Pipes
  • Root Obstruction
  • Cracked Pipe and Offset Joints
  • Recessed Taps
  • Collapsed Pipe and Infiltration
  • Drain Lines
  • Yard and Floor Drains

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